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With six different purees in your peppertoire, Louisiana Pepper Exchange replaces the need to have a variety of expensive fresh peppers in the restaurant kitchen at all times. While our easy-to-add products taste “just picked,” they cut down on labor costs (no prep time needed to de-stem and de-seed the peppers). Plus, because our products don’t have additives. There’s no waste or spoilage to contend with.

In addition to amazing heat and flavor, pepper puree is easy to use – 1 spoonful is roughly equal to 1 fresh pepper. Because it eliminates chopping, dicing, and slicing peppers, it’s a time saver in the kitchen. As a bonus, it is shelf stable for up to 2 years and clean label – just pepper and salt (and vinegar in chipotle)…that’s it. 

Why Professional Chefs Love Our Pepper Purees

Trends + Tips

Heat + Flavor

Offers consistent heat and flavor profile in every bottle. Available in hard-to-find peppers.

No Food Waste

Save prep and clean-up time, eliminate waste. Eliminate produce waste.

Authentic Taste

Cook with purer flavor for more authentic taste. Develop reliable recipes from plate to plate. Craft standout, restaurant-defining menu items.

For Chefs and Restaurants

Save Time + Keep The Flavor

Watch Chef Blake Jackson, Executive Chef and Owner of Drake Catering and Whisk Dessert Bar, talk about why he uses Louisiana Pepper Exchange pepper purees for his menus.

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Amazing. The flavor and heat are so much fresher with puree over powders. I'm sold.

Chef Bob

Sweet Magnolia

Incredible taste and flavor. Especially love this for cocktails and mixers.

Chef Sara

Bluebird Cafe

I discovered this on a cooking show. And I can't stop using this now for all my BBQ recipes.

Chef Brooke

Hot Boys BBQ

Amazing. Such a time saver for prep. And no food waste.

Chef Zeek


So good. Saves so much prep time. And the flavors are better than fresh.

Chef Lars


Changed the way I think about using peppers. Game changer for my dishes.

Chef Luke


LPE’s Pepper Purees allow me to use a high quality product with incredible flavor while saving time and reducing labor costs!

Chef Blake Jackson

New Orleans, LA

Louisiana Pepper Exchange’s products have elevated our sauces and salsa's to a new level. Always consistent and add great flavor in all applications.

Johnny's Tavern

When catering in New Orleans, depth and layers of flavor is a must. Using
fresh vegetables for sauces and recipes, especially hot peppers, consistency in heat can be a challenge. The entire line of pepper purees from La Pepper Exchange has been a game changer here at Mirepoix Catering. With our food and cocktails having to span from traditional Creole and Cajun to Latin, Tex-Mex and everything in between there isn’t a single flavor that isn’t represented.

Chef Darryl Smith

Mirepoix Catering