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The flavor coming out of those little jars is unreal, if you like to cook you have to experiment with this. If you don't like to cook you should buy this and try you just might like to cook :)

Rudy M.

Different flavor than cayenne pepper powder - the puree takes food to a whole new level. I have this and the jalapeno puree - love them both. Gave the orange habanero to a nephew - he loves it.

William D.

It took me some research to figure out that this is not supposed to be a hot sauce, once I watched the video on YouTube from Louisiana pepper company I learned that this is an ingredient, it is simply fermented pepper and salt. Used as an ingredient it is very good and you do not need very much to add the kick and spice desired.

Willie A.

We had a wing contest for the best overall wings! I won and now have bragging rights. My secret ingredient? The Cayenne Pepper puree. So easy to use and saved me TONS of time when cooking for everyone.

Ellen P.

Honestly had no idea how amazing this would make BBQ sauce taste. Took the recipe straight from their website for Red Habanero BBQ! Amazing! Must try! Great balance on flavor and heat!

Johnny R.

Available through foodservice distributors nationwide.

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