Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux's Backyard collaborate on an exclusive limited release Red Limo Pepper Puree launching Tuesday July 11th and sold exclusively on the Louisiana Pepper Exchange website.

NEW ORLEANS (July 11, 2023) – Summer grilling and outdoor cooking season just got hotter with a new pepper collab by Louisiana Pepper Exchange and Boudreaux’s Backyard. Louisiana Pepper Exchange, a leading supplier of peppers for the hot sauce category, has teamed up with Boudreaux’s Backyard, a popular backyard chef influencer and food entrepreneur, for a new collaboration, the Red Limo Pepper Puree, is set to launch on July 11th.

Meet Louisiana Pepper Exchange: Disrupting the Pepper Industry with Flavor Innovation 

Louisiana Pepper Exchange is revolutionizing the way people experience heat and flavor in their food. Even if you’ve never tried a taste of Louisiana Pepper Exchange’s pepper purees, you’ve probably tasted their peppers. 

Louisiana Pepper Exchange is the leading supplier of peppers in the USA, making the base pepper ingredient for most hot sauces sold in the US. The company has been a behind-the-scenes purveyor to Tabasco and many other major hot sauce brands. Louisiana Pepper Exchange pepper mashes, each made from 20-plus different peppers, also go to companies that blend and package hot sauces for countless smaller brands. 

Other clients are large-scale food manufacturers that supply restaurants as well as a realm of fast food, full-service restaurant chains. 

They also bring that passion and knowledge to home chefs and restaurants around the country through a line of “pepper purees” that add flavor and spice to foods and drinks. But don’t call them hot sauces. 

“We have hot sauce customers around the country, and there’s a lot of affinity for Louisiana. They see Louisiana as the hot bed for hot sauce ,” said White. “But our pepper purees are intentionally not a hot sauce. They are an ingredient to make hot sauces and include in any dish or drink that you want to elevate through flavor, spice and some heat.”

Meet Boudreaux’s Backyard: Unleashing the Gourmet Chef in the Comfort of Your Own Backyard

Introducing Boudreaux's Backyard, a culinary venture founded by Justin Boudreaux, a passionate backyard chef hailing from Louisiana. With a warm "Hey y'all," Justin invites people on a gourmet home cooking adventure in his backyard and kitchen.

Inspired by the rich flavors and lively traditions of Cajun and Creole cuisine, Boudreaux's Backyard is a celebration of culinary artistry that extends beyond borders. Justin's mission is to empower home cooks everywhere, equipping them with the skills and confidence to create exceptional restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their own kitchens and backyards.

Through his personally crafted recipes and expert guidance, Boudreaux's Backyard demystifies the world of gourmet cooking, making it accessible to all. Justin's passion for beautifully presented, mouthwatering dishes shines through his instructional content, inspiring a love for the art of cooking.

While deeply rooted in the flavors of Louisiana, Boudreaux's Backyard encourages exploration beyond traditional boundaries. “The culinary world is a vast and exciting playground,” shares Justin. 

The Pepper Partnership 

The pepper partnership started over a love of cooking and growing food companies. Chris White and Justin Boudreaux are both backyard chefs and food entrepreneurs in Louisiana. They enjoy hosting friends and family for backyard cooking, grilling and entertaining. 

“We started exploring unique peppers that would work well for Justin’s style of cooking. He’s an amazing chef,” says Chris White. “We invited Justin to the Louisiana Pepper Exchange headquarters in New Orleans to taste-test exclusive pepper varieties not yet released to the public.” 

“I chose Red Limo for its mid-level heat and citrus notes,” says Justin Boudreaux. “I took some home to my backyard kitchen and it worked incredibly well for summer recipes I was creating. Red Limo definitely kicked up the flavor of my dishes, drinks and desserts.”

The two culinary entrepreneurs joined up again in Chris’s backyard for a Red Limo dinner, created by Justin. “Wow, his menu blew us away,” shares Chris. “He kept pulling out magical creations using the Red Limo. Seafood Orzo, Fish Tacos, Watermelon Margarita and Key Lime Pie. It was incredible.”

“And everything tasted so much better with some of the Red Limo,” added Justin. “This is my new summer-time grilling and cooking secret ingredient!”

The Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux’s Backyard Red Limo limited edition pepper puree launch is Tuesday July 11th and sold exclusively on the Louisiana Pepper Exchange website. For more information about Louisiana Pepper Exchange, visit, and for more about Boudreaux’s Backyard, visit

Spicy Citrus Orzo with Gulf Shrimp and Scallops


Fish Tacos with Mango-Citrus Slaw


Key Lime Pie with Red Limo Glaze


Watermelon Limo Margarita


Red Limo Apricot Smoked Ribs


Peach Red Limo Glazed Wings


Smoked Chili Rubbed Tri Tip with Mango Red Limo Salsa


Summer Beans and Red Limo


Spicy Blackberry Lemonade


Chris White, Founder + CEO, and chef-influencer Justin Boudreaux introduce their Red Limo pepper collab.

About Louisiana Pepper Exchange: 

Louisiana Pepper Exchange is a leading supplier of peppers in the US, providing the base pepper ingredient for most hot sauces sold in the country. They also offer a line of clean label "pepper purees" that are not hot sauces, but ingredients that can be used in any dish or drink for flavor and spice. The company has direct relationships with farmers in South and Central America and Mexico, sourcing millions of pounds of peppers annually. Their pepper purees are available in six different varieties and can be purchased on their website, Amazon, and major retailers. The company is located in New Orleans, and their passion for peppers and spicy cuisine is reflected in their products.

Learn more about Louisiana Pepper Exchange:

Join the Louisiana Pepper Exchange on Instagram: @pepperexchange

About Boudreaux’s Backyard: 

Boudreaux’s Backyard is a cooking destination hosted by backyard chef influencer Justin Boudreaux. Boudreaux’s Backyard is about a universal love for food and a passion for creating gourmet meals in the comfort of our own homes. Justin replicates restaurant-quality dishes at home and teaches people how to cook them through videos and recipes. Justin recently developed a line of premium seasonings drawing inspiration from his Louisiana heritage and diverse culinary traditions. 

Learn more about Boudreaux’s Backyard:

Join Boudreaux’s Backyard on Instagram: @boudreauxsbackyard  


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Red Limo Pepper Puree from Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux&
Red Limo Pepper Puree from Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux&
Red Limo Pepper Puree from Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux&
Red Limo Pepper Puree from Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux&
Red Limo Pepper Puree from Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux&
Red Limo Pepper Puree from Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux&
Red Limo Pepper Puree from Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux&
Red Limo Pepper Puree from Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux&

Red Limo Pepper Puree from Louisiana Pepper Exchange X Boudreaux's Backyard - LIMITED EDITION

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vibrant. fruity. bold.

We teamed up with backyard chef Justin Boudreaux of Boudreaux's Backyard to produce a VERY limited release of a hard-to-find pepper variety, Red Limo.

The Red Limo is prized for its unique flavor. It is a spicy South American chili pepper with a bold red skin and fruity flavor.

Red Limo has a fruity, berry-like flavor. It is medium in heat level, but it does not leave your mouth burning. 

You don't want to miss this incredible and exclusive pepper puree. 

One spoonful is roughly equal to one pepper - and it's easy to use. Just stir it in - it's ready to use!

  • Fresh, real Red Limo flavor – more flavor than dehydrated and powdered seasonings.
  • Easy and convenient flavor - No more chopping peppers! If you like the convenience of minced garlic, you will love our pepper puree!
  • Only two, all natural ingredients – Red Limo peppers and a pinch of salt!
  • Simple conversion - 1-3 teaspoons of puree replaces 1 full pepper
  • Natural, zero calorie, gluten free
  • Great to add flavor and spice to any dish, dip, dressing. 
  • Perfect pairing: Meats, Burgers, Chicken, Fruits. Check out our recipes for inspiration!