what is pepper puree?

It all starts with growing peppers purposefully.

Through our long term relationships with our suppliers and a network of local, small-tract farming families in South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean we source specific pepper varieties to our exacting specifications and quality standards.

We can track a pepper from seed to table, including where it was picked, by whom, and how long it rested in its home country before shipping, packaging, and delivery.

First we make pepper mash.

STEP 1: Wash and de-stem the peppers (the stem is the only part we don’t use).

STEP 2: Process peppers through our local hammer mill to create pepper mash. Pepper mash is

simply ground peppers with visible skins and seeds.

STEP 3: Add salt to the pepper mash as a preservative while natural fermentation occurs. This also makes our products shelf stable.

STEP 4: Load pepper mash into our patented Agi-Tank and transport to the Port of New Orleans.

STEP 5: Unload pepper mash and store in our SQF-certified facility in New Orleans, Louisiana.

From Pepper Mash to Pepper Puree

STEP 1: Puree the ground pepper mash to a silky-smooth consistency (no visible skins/seeds).

STEP 2: Pasteurize the pepper puree to halt fermentation.

STEP 3: Package pepper puree into multiple formats according to customer needs.