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Our pepper purees are the not-so-secret ingredient all the brands are talking about. Large and gourmet sauce producers choose our products because we provide the highest quality pepper mash and distribute it with the utmost efficiency. The flavors you need, when you need them.

That’s what you get with Louisiana Pepper Exchange.

Industrial Applications

We are a vertically integrated company of pepper specialists, building bridges between unique flavors and curious consumers. Long term relationships with our suppliers and a network of local, small-tract farming families in South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean allow us to source specific pepper varieties to our exacting specifications and quality standards.

Industrial Pepper Availability

We can track a pepper from seed to table, including where it was picked, by whom, and how long it rested in its home country before shipping, packaging, and delivery.

pepper formats

Pepper Puree

Our “Ready To Eat” product is an aromatic and flavor-packed puree that is fully cooked and enhanced with a dash of vinegar and a pinch of salt. Our customers and friends use this cooked pepper puree to enhance recipes while cooking or by applying directly to salsas, BBQ sauces, wing sauces and so much more. 

Available Fermenting or Fermented and Pasteurized

Pepper Mash

Hot Pepper Mash is mashed or ground up peppers, which are fermented both to preserve them and to add flavor. Sauce makers use pepper mash as a base ingredient for hot sauce and many other food products. Mash is an uncooked product. 

Available Fermenting or Fermented and Pasteurized

sizing options

Pails = 40 LB

Drums = 500 LB

Totes = 2,200 LB

Road Tanker = 47,000 LB

Railcar = 200,000 LB

patented agi-tank 

Patented Flexi Liquid Packaging

Proprietary Flexi Tank purpose built for the shipment of pepper mash and other high solids liquids. One time use, food grade bladder designed for the shipment of up to 52,000 pounds of product. Designed with an agitation system to address solids separation and efficient discharge.  

Technical Engineering

LPE provides the highest quality engineered equipment and service to meet your pepper processing requirements. Together with your team and strong technical support from our manufacturers, we provide solutions that make your processes more efficient and more reliable year after year. 

Excellence starts with design that requires experience and expertise. LPE manufacturers continuously create with vision, design with purpose, and refine with passion. We will continue to provide you with value added solutions in agitation, pumping, heat transfer, vessels, and filtration. 

our value proposition

- Fully integrated – Farm to Kitchen

- Bulk shipping (importing) of such a wide variety of peppers generates cost efficiencies

- Lower cost than fresh peppers

- Reduces labor from de-stemming/de-seeding peppers

- Long shelf life, eliminates waste, saving money

- Purees and mashes are ready to use in the kitchen to make innovative dishes

lpe logisitics

- FMC Licenses Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)

- Turn-Key Import/Export Shipments

- Domestic Fill Truck Load and Less Than Truck Load Shipments

- Bulk Liquid Shipments

- Cased Good Shipments

- Warehousing

Pepper Innovation

Watch Chris White, Founder + CEO, talk about Louisiana Pepper Exchange's pepper innovation, our proprietary Agi-Tanks, and how we move pepper around the world.

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In my 26 years in the sauce business, I have depended on multiple suppliers for my pepper needs. Because more than one of those organizations evolved into more bother than worth, I want to commend LA Pepper Exchange for exceeding all of them in quality, price, variety, consistency, and customer service. I waited four years to give this assessment because I had been fooled before and did not want to give an undeserved review.
Thank you for meeting my expectations and inspiring me to give your company top marks in every area that counts.

Hiram Davis

HongryHawg Products

We’ve been working with Louisiana Pepper Exchange since we started
our company in 2018 based on strong recommendations from others. We use their mashes in many of our products, and have always been impressed by the consistency and quality. Their service is fast and
professional, and they are a key supplier that has helped make our
company successful. I look forward to many more years working with LPE.

Gabe DiSaverio

The Spicy Shark

I just wanted to write this review to tell you how much I love Louisiana Pepper Exchange. Your varied product range has come in handy when creating new products, as well
as when manufacturing begins. Thanks so much for you wide knowledge of varieties and quick shipments.


Blacklick Spice Company

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